Morning – Weather, To-Do, News and more Review

Morning – Weather, To-Do, News and more Review

Morning for iPad offers a data blast of all the information you need to start your day right

If you are anything like some of the Apps Magazine team members, then you will wake up each morning, grab a cup of tea or coffee and start to play around with your iPad to check the latest information and get your day going.

The Morning app caters for this very use, delivering a wealth of information on a single, well-designed screen so that you can see at a glance all of the vital details that will get you on your way.

When you load the app for the first time you will see that it has a large clock with the date in the top-left of the screen, as well as blocks for weather and events. These need to be connected to your location and to your calendar, with the reminders block needing to be synced with your Reminders app.

When you have done this, you begin to see the app’s use. Suddenly you can view any specific tasks that you need to do that day, view the weather forecast and get a flavour of where you are expected to be without having to flick from one app to another.

Morning, however, goes even further than that. Although the interface is a relatively simple one, it actually masks a complex series of tasks that can be performed. For a start, you can change and customise all the blocks on the screen; so you could decide not to have the weather in the top left-hand corner, for example, and place it elsewhere or even drop it entirely. You can also add in any extra functions with a host of panels available for you to tailor the page in the way that truly suits you.

For example, by tapping each box and selecting the icon to the left, you can choose one of eight different panels. These include Commute, which lets you know what to expect on the roads when you leave the house, News allows you to pull in various different RSS sources, Stocks is there for keeping a close eye on the stock market and Countdown so that you know how long you have left before any important events starts.

By selecting these, the panel you have tapped will alter, changing the dynamic of the page and bringing in the information that you want to see and use. You can have these in any order you wish, and make the page suit your requirements. For example, having the weather app in a larger panel allows you see the humidity, wind and changing times of the day, whereas having it in a smaller one will simply show you the current weather and the highs and lows of the day. It means you can prioritise the information to a greater degree.

There is another icon when you press the panel too. The one to the left allows you to alter the settings of each of the windows so again, you can have more bespoke and personalised services. Perhaps you want your weather in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit (a thoughtful option), or you want your calendar to only display a specific event from birthdays to home to shopping, or even lectures and leisure activities.

Unfortunately, it’s not all perfect. You can’t add in your own extra panels, for example, so for now you’re stuck with the predetermined sizes. Additionally, while you can alter the colour of the screen, you can’t tell the app to colour individual panels, which would be a handy feature. That said, this uniformity does make for a more sleek, less fussy and complex design that works well, so perhaps we are just being picky.

Alarm clocks and alert systems would be nice addition, though, and it would be good if you were able to input the countdown using scrolling menus rather than having to write it using text. More of an issue is not always being able to pull in the news feeds wanted and having to scroll down or wait to see each one, rather than simply being able to display the headlines at a glance.

Yet, we found ourselves always coming back to the app. We used it day after day, making it our first port of call. It cut down on the time spent jumping from one app to another which, when getting ready for work, can be quite annoying and potentially time-consuming.

To that end, Morning is a fine example of a one-stop shop information app. It needs more panels; eight is a good start but there are others that would come in useful (social media, for example). Still, for the price, it’s well worth investing given the time it will save.

Rated 4 out of 5

Morning ensures you know exactly what you have to do when you wake up and it’s a great accompaniment throughout the day.