Moon Control Review

Moon Control Review

Moon Control Review

Super Hexagon meets Harbor Master… in space!

Moon Control follows the lead of Harbor Master or Flight Control – the two action/time-management games that popularised the genre more than any other titles. Moon Control is unafraid to shoot for their crown – as soon as you boot it up, you’ll feel the influences of the aforementioned flood in. Moon Control does away with subtlety, though; its style is more Super Hexagon than anything else.

The serene neon visuals belie how gruesome the game can be; failure to dock your colour-coded ships to their respective landing pads results in a one of many cartoon space-deaths – decompression, suffocation, fuel-burn to name a few. Avoiding these myriad ends is achieved by rotating the planet to match the ever-increasing number of ships ready to touchdown. Extra seconds can be given to your strategy by tapping an individual ship and igniting its boosters – a tactic that becomes vital as you progress.

Moon Control is a hard game, and one that’ll take some time to acquaint yourself with. The pace, supported by an engrossing chiptune soundtrack, picks up quicker than its genre rivals, requiring demanding levels of coordination and dexterity. Getting a high score here will be a more challenging, time-consuming affair than the game would initially have you think.






Rated 4 out of 5

Difficult physics and a steep learning curve eventually yield an addictive experience, if you’ve got the patience for it.