Monty Python: The Holy Book Of Days

Monty Python: The Holy Book Of Days

So good the Black Knight would download it

Despite going their separate ways long ago, the popularity of influential comedy troupe Monty Python has yet to diminish, thanks in part to arguably their finest excursion into feature films: Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

The film’s infamous production is laid bare in this lovingly crafted app, which leaves no stone unturned in telling the story of the arduous 28-day Scottish shoot via previously unseen images, script notes, audio, outtakes, diary extracts and an abundance of other content. Beginning with an intro from John Cleese before serving up content chronologically, there is one multimedia-packed page per day of the shoot. The app is also specifically designed for use with The Holy Grail’s recently released Blu-ray, enabling fans to sync app with film – as long as your iPad and Blu-ray player are paired on the same wireless network.

The app still comes hugely recommended disc or not though. Despite the polished presentation, it’s the contributions from the Pythons themselves that really make Holy Book of Days worth the price of admission.

Rated 5 out of 5

A great app for Monty Python fans, and a potentially pioneering way to deliver supplemental movie material.