Keep a closer eye on your cash and see where it goes

Right now keeping on top of your finances, whether personal or professional, is a pretty high priority. Keeping up with what you’re spending and finding ways to save some money can be a challenge, but with the excellent MoneyWiz, you will be able to quickly keep on top of your finances.

The app eases you in by presenting a series of explanations of the various features, essentially giving a walkthrough of the app. You are able to set up accounts, with amounts being placed into various categories such as child support, investment, rental, salary and social security. There is no way of selecting your own bespoke category – everything else goes under Other, but all the most important bases are covered.

Setting up accounts is very easy. Everything in the app is driven by pop-up windows. Just fill in the form and tap Done. You can then see compiled reports of your income so that you are able to gauge at a glance just how much – or little – you have in your account.

Expenditure is well catered for, with the ability to sift through dozens of categories, ranging from car costs (parking, fuel and the like) and bills, to clothing, healthcare, housing, leisure, loans and even iTunes. The clean interface makes getting around the app a breeze, and so inputting the various ins and outs of your financial affairs is not taxing at all.

One handy feature is the ability to input a straight balance, even if your figures don’t tally up. This means that you can instantly tell the app how much you have in your account, even if everything else doesn’t seem to work out to that figure. Incomes and expenses can also be set to recur, thus enabling you to tell the app when bills need paying or when your salary is due to be paid into your bank.

You can use the many report options to work out the periods of each month that coincide with heavy spending or income, and it lets you see where you are being more extravagant. As a bonus, there is a built-in calculator, which also serves as a currency converter, and lets you work out mortgage rates.

Rated 5 out of 5

It’s one of the best money management apps we’ve seen. A real winner.


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