Get from A to B with your smartphone or table

If you’ve ever felt like you needed something more sophisticated than Google Maps, Mireo DON’T PANIC is just the thing you need to help you when you’re trying to find your way. And for a fraction of the cost of a standalone satnav unit, you will have the peace of mind of never being lost without a clue again.

Mireo is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that comes with all the usual features you’d expect. The iOS UK version includes maps of Britain, the Republic of Ireland and Channel islands, but other European countries are available as in-app purchases (starting from £7.99). On the Android version you have to buy any maps you’re interested in including the UK.

Type in your destination address and it will plot the journey, reading out the directions with a clear visual image of your route and next turn. You can search for nearby points of interest, set speed, traffic and safety camera alerts for extra travelling savvy.

There are a small amount of customisation options, such as night mode, 2D or 3D view, changing from metric to imperial and choosing between a male or female voice. It’s a shame more voices or map schemes aren’t available, though.

The program itself runs smoothly with no lag in the map, and it even recalculates very quickly; it’s almost seamless. We’ve not seen a satnav that works as well for this price point. It’s missing features such as lane guidance and spoken street names, but it excels in the core areas. All in all, a great addition to your app arsenal that could prove invaluable.

Rated 4 out of 5

A solid package that should prove indispensable when you’re in an unknown area.


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  • Helmut

    Mi avete rubato i soldi, grazie!!!! Dopo un mese dall’acquisto della vostra app x navigare + l’infotraffico mi avete disattivato tutto!!! E invitato ad un nuovo acquisto, grazie!!!!