Mingle: Action-Based Contacts Review

Mingle: Action-Based Contacts Review

Mingle: Action-Based Contacts Review

Put your contacts more firmly at your fingertips with Mingle for iPhone

Mingle: Action-Based Contacts  gives a fresh spin to the native Contacts app that ships with iPhones and iPads. While it sticks with the iOS 7 theme that we’ve grown to know and love, it offers a useful and user-friendly alternative contacts app that, we dare say, Apple may well care to ape in due course.

Although we experienced some crashing, Mingle is very comprehensive. By swiping right on a contact’s name, you can get in touch with people via social media, a phone call, message or email. To select the contact method, the icon of the chosen service has to be brought to the front and turned from grey to colour. It’s a bit fiddly but puts a broad set of options at your disposal.

For example, if you like to use WhatsApp, you can set that as the default messenger. If you prefer Skype, you can indicate that, too. The set of icons give you the perfect way to touch base but the downside is they cannot be set for individual contacts. You only have four pop-up actions per contact, too.

Still, Mingle likes to keep you in-app long enough to do what is needed so if you have not inputted certain info for someone, you’re not forced to go elsewhere to perform the task.
The app is very tidy, inexpensive and ad-free
and it looks beautiful.

Rated 3 out of 5

Mingle can be frustrating and fiddly so more work is needed, but it is also refreshing and innovative.