Restore order to your mind with this thought-mapping app

Mindomo is an excellent app that allows you to map out plans and ideas in a comprehensive thought chain, to provide detail and clarity to the creativity that flows from your mind. You start by defining a central idea and can then effortlessly link further points to it, until you get one sprawling mass of ideas that you can refine and share later on.

What initially strikes you about this app is the sheer amount of depth you can go into and the range of options available. With no tutorial instantly apparent, you do experience a minute or two of uncertainty over what you have to do to get your creative ball rolling, but once you start tapping on icons around the main work space, everything becomes clear and you’ll discover that mapping out your thoughts is childishly easy through this app – it’s the many ways in which you can refine, customise and present your chart that adds a degree of complication, though only because there are so many options available.

As well as mapping out basic ideas, you can then assign individual tasks to each point, embed images, add hyperlinks, and then sync your work so others can work on the same project in real-time. It’s a fabulously put-together piece of software with an extensive set of tools.

Rated 5 out of 5

Without doubt one of the most comprehensive thought-mapping apps we have used.