Mibblio Review

Mibblio Review

Time to monkey around with an app that’s truly sound, it’s Mibblio on iPad

The iPad is ideal for interactive storybooks. This app is a good example, blending colourful images with music, placing the emphasis firmly on the latter. It doesn’t matter if your child is not very musical; Mibblio will allow them to explore different sounds while a series of stills are displayed on the main screen, accompanied by singing and music. The songs themselves can be a little slow, but the point is that the child turns various instruments on and off and get to grips with the effects they have.

The app is aimed at children aged three to eight and there is much to do. A set of keys at the bottom allow for piano-style playing even though you could have a guitar, a flute or one of many other great-sounding instruments. And while the songs can be slow, the considerable talent behind them includes Grammy-nominated Andy Statman and Grammy-winner Marty Beller.

If we have a gripe, it’s that there is no animation. It also takes a while to download a song. You have to pay for some of them too (£1.49/$1.99 each), which could get expensive quickly. It’s a shame that old favourites which will demand attention, from Old MacDonald to Wheels On The Bus, are behind these paywalls.

Rated 3 out of 5

The music interaction and joy it brings to children may be worth the cost of songs.