Mextures Review

Mextures Review

Mextures Review

Meet the most powerful photo filters app for iPhone, ever

On the surface of things, you might be forgiven for thinking that Mextures is another photo filters and effects app to add to that bulging folder on your smartphone’s home screen. This might well be yet another photo filters app, but that’s where the similarities with the ever-expanding App Store category end. Far from being another take on the classic vintage effects app, Mextures combines just the right amount of professional tools and advanced functionality with an impressive collection of filters and effects, making it by the far most powerful and flexible app of its type we’ve ever come across.

The process for editing in Mextures is relatively simple. You start by shooting a photo or selecting one from your iPhone’s Camera Roll and then adding textures from the collection of texture packs the app has to offer. There’s a lot to choose from here, and that’s where the app might start to get a little bit daunting for the beginner. From light leaks, to grit and grain, to gradients; the sheer number of options available is brilliant, especially when each one can be customised with a variety of blending modes and its own opacity slider.

You can apply any number of textures to your images, which is a most welcome change from many apps in this category. With the opportunity to layer texture upon texture, no two images we produced with the app were exactly the same. There’s a caveat attached to this though, in that too many effects can detract from the original image and end up looking a little tacky. On occasions, we found it hard to dial down the opacity of each texture and stop it from overpowering the image or the overall edit. In this sense, despite having a lot of options as far as different texture types go, less is definitely more.

However, to Mextures’ credit, there are a good few tools on hand to help with this issue. Every time a texture is applied to an image, it starts with a pre-selected blending mode that certainly helps to keep things subtle, but by heading into the layers menu you can change this and vary up the effect. There’s also the opacity slider, which is less useful depending on the blending mode you’re using, but can still be effective on some images.

Once you’ve chosen and added all of your textures, heading into the layers menu will show them all individually. Tapping on any texture layer will bring up its opacity slider and give you the option to reselect a blending option. There’s also an option to hide or even delete a texture, meaning the levels of undo in the app are almost endless, even if there is no actual undo control.

With so much control and so many textures on offer, it’s easy to lose yourself and spend hours working on a single image – and it’s this that makes Mextures more than worthy of its £1.49/$1.99 asking price. To save time though, Mextures allows you to save combinations of texture layers as Formulas. These can be instantly recalled and edited at any time and there’s a whole host of pre-made Formulas created by iPhoneographers – it’s the only remotely social element to this app beyond the regular sharing features, although that’s by no means a bad thing.

Where Mextures really shines is the way in which it brings all of its great features together into an intuitive and coherent interface. There’s a pretty extensive tutorial to get through before you even get started with the app, but we’d be confident in skipping a lot of it and diving headfirst into this awesome editing app. Mextures’ fantastic mix of power user features and faithful analogue textures makes it a must-have app for any eager iPhoneographers – and at this price, you’re getting a real bargain.

Rated 5 out of 5

Offering something extra to the photo-editing category, Mextures ticks all the boxes.