Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3

The Neo Geo classic blasts onto mobile formats

Famed for its humour, difficulty, and super-detailed 2D visuals, the Metal Slug series is one of the most iconic and eye-catching run-and-gun franchises in gaming. A favourite instalment among fans, Metal Slug 3 has now arrived on iOS – and we’re pleased to report it has received the star treatment it deserves.

Though the visuals don’t look as crisp on the iOS display as we’d hoped, the sprite design and animation of this now twelve-year-old game still remains utterly jaw-dropping; you’ll be dazzled by the level of detail packed into every sprite, from its wide array of drivable Slug vehicles to the smallest bullet casing. Content-wise, you get a few extra goodies to play with over the main Arcade Mode, which comes in four difficulties.

Mission Mode lets you replay any stage successfully reached in the main game; you can opt to beat the game with a friend via Bluetooth multiplayer, and there’s a Gallery where you can unlock and view some of the stunning concept art that was created for the game. Our only real grumble, and it is – unfortunately – a foreseeable one, is that the touchscreen controls don’t really compare to having a physical and robust d-pad to react to the on-screen chaos, so be prepared for plenty of frustrating deaths before practice eventually makes perfect and this becomes less of an issue. Overall though, this is an impressive effort that has certainly got us hoping that more Neo Geo classics will arrive to iOS.

Rated 4 out of 5

Forgive the unfamiliar touchscreen controls, this is a solid conversion of a shooter classic. Well worth a purchase.