Mensa Brain Test

Mensa Brain Test

Mensa Brain Test

Test your suitability for a place in Mensa with this tough test

If you often wonder how intelligent you actually are and love the idea of joining Mensa, the worldwide organisation for the top two per cent of the population, this app is perfect for you. While Mensa only accepts the very best into its organisation, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t test yourself and see how you match up to the brightest sparks on the planet.

This is the official app of the group, and it has set all the questions contained within it, so you really are getting the most authentic experience possible. When you first open the app the best place to start is in the Practice area, where you’ll be given five questions to answer in five minutes. The questions include logic, maths, language and visual variants, to test every part of your brain. After each group of questions you can review the answers to see what you got right, before moving on to the proper test.

Here, you can choose how many questions to answer with short, medium or long quizzes available. The short test is just 20 questions, but you get 20 minutes to answer them – the longest test offers 60.

The questions are, naturally, incredibly tough, although depending on your strengths some sections may be much easier. We found the language questions quite easy, for example, but had some serious problems with the number-based questions. In terms of design, the app is as good as we’ve come to expect from great quiz apps. There is a distinct neon theme throughout, which works well, although the images in the visual puzzles do appear to be a little low-res. That said, the overall app looks great, and the counter that flicks upwards to show your score at the end of the full test is a particularly good feature.

Online leader boards are available through Game Center, so you can see how you compare to your friends, or the rest of the world, and the app keeps track of your results so you can see improvements over time. You can also share your certificate with friends, so when you eventually break into Mensa qualification scores you can ensure everyone knows it.

Rated 4 out of 5

This is a well-designed, tough test that really pushes those brain cells and justifies the price.