Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Recording meetings will never be the same again

Taking minutes is easy, but using them constructively is not. If you attend a lot of meetings, they tend to blur into one another, and thus having a detailed record of what has been said and decided is crucial. What’s more, being able to use the output with a minimum of fuss will save you lots of time and greatly aid your organisation. Fortunately, Meeting Minutes does all of this and more. The entire app is defined by the way it is presented, with a virtual desk showing each attendee and what they have said, attachments that are relevant to them and so much more; you can even schedule meetings and share all the notes with each attendee afterwards. The minutes can be taken by text, drawing and even using audio recordings, and a few taps of the screen will let you share the whole meeting. Even action points are covered beautifully and can be assigned to each attendee, which lifts this app to the ‘project manager’ category as well, but ultimately it is the way every feature works together that makes this such a success.

Rated 5 out of 5

A near-perfect meeting minutes app that will save you time, frustration and money.


  • TITLE=Meeting minutes;This app did not work at all. Interface screen pretty but would not allow any information to be entered.

  • Dillon

    Meeting minute is a good app. I used it a lot but unfortunately it’s not a real project manager app. It lacks feature for this purpose and I never got used to it’s design…
    Now I prefer to use Beesy, which is an all-in-one app for project management. It’s based on a smart note taking feature, especially for meetings. Its concept is: you take notes by adding items (there is a complete range of items from tasks, deadlines to ideas, questions, remarks, etc.) to which you can assign people, deadlines, priorities and those items are automatically and simultaneously updated to your calendar, projects, to-dos lists, etc.. And the killer feature is the “instant meeting minute” which allows you to generate a meeting minute in 1 clicks! I strongly recommend it if your into a lot of meetings. (more info here: