MediaFire Review

MediaFire Review

MediaFire Review

Classic Cloud Computing with 50GB free account and and easy access from your iOS or Android device

MediaFire was the go-to desktop service for file sharers way before cloud computing, and the app is a simple but powerful extension. This utility allows you to access your MediaFire folders, upload and download files on the go, and share links to them with others.

When you go to and create an account it’s worth noting the payment options. The free account has a whopping 50GB of space and, unless you caught Dropbox’s S3 deal, chances are that’s enough to tempt you. The $1.50 per month subscription, however, increases the 200MB limit on individual files to 1GB and allows whole folders to be downloaded, while also removing ads from anything you share.

The app itself does look a little bare, though. With minimal furniture, it opens into a file explorer and is all business. Through the Options menu you can create folders, upload files directly from your device or browsing the Gallery, take pictures and videos (by booting the native apps) or access the app settings. You can only upload one file at a time until you upgrade, but you can always ZIP files. As a portal to 50GB of content, simplicity is better.

Rated 5 out of 5

Not feature-laden, but with masses of free storage and sharing, functionality wins out.


  • p47

    BUG in desktop app: It does NOT synchronize files with accented names (like visión.doc, españa.xls )

    It’s a grave bug for desktop app, as there are many users outside USA that regularly use accents on filenames.

    Also, you can’t synchronize any read-only file (strange as the app is not supposed to modify my files) and there is no reason not to synchronize a read only file.

    Here is a screenshot of both bugs:

    Bug still exists on latest version as of today.

    I’ve reported mediafire via facebook and twitter more two months ago, not a word acknowledging the bug

  • John Doe

    They scam you by charging you an extra month and automatically add you on a recurring plan.