MavenSay Review

MavenSay Review

MavenSay Review

Find or recommend the next big thing, before it becomes the next big thing

Sometimes the biggest highlight of a weekend in a new city, or even your home town, will be that new place you discovered – whether it be a bar, restaurant or clothes store. The chances are you’ll want to share your find with as many people as possible, and MavenSay is aiming to create a community just for that purpose. The app feels a little like Instagram in the way users are encouraged to post – in this instance, places and items – as well as follow other users and become part of the community.

The key area of the app is the feed, where all the latest recommendations or ‘recos’ will appear. MavenSay breaks everything down into six categories, ranging from food and drink to clothes and music, each represented by a coloured icon. These are very nicely presented as a spider diagram on your profile and serve as a shortcut for reviewing everything you’ve recommended yourself. Doing this is very easy given that the in-app search engine is Google powered. This, combined with the map means you can find and post pretty much anything.

It works the other way too in that you can use the map and your location to find ‘recos’ near you. There’s a ‘search this area’ pop-up that is very annoying, but this is the only glitch in what is otherwise a great-looking and highly usable app.

Rated 4 out of 5

Give it a community the size of Instagram’s and MavenSay has the potential to go stellar.