Mary Berry Review

Mary Berry Review

Mary Berry Review

Get mouth-watering recipes in the official Mary Berry app for iPhone

If you have seen The Great British Bake Off on TV, you will be familiar with Mary Berry, the food expert and judge. If you are entertaining friends and looking for ideas for a scrumptious dinner, there are some great recipes here for roast turkey and all the trimmings. Mary Berry has provided 15 in this app, and in addition to the traditional roast turkey is complementary gravy, giblet stock, lemon and thyme pork stuffing, roast potatoes, puddings and so on. There is even a nut roast for the vegetarians in the family.

Each item is covered separately and you aren’t meant to cook them all, just the ones that appeal to you. A favourites list can be used to select the items you are going to cook. Choose an item, such as roast parsnips, and a photo with a short introduction appears. The ingredients are also listed, with any items you might be missing from your cupboards able to be added to a shopping list. The cooking process itself is broken down into simple steps that are easy to follow.

However, the app design could use some attention; the colour scheme could be better, as light blue text on a white background is hard to read. In other places the text uses too small a font size and some screens have text all in capitals. The content is pretty limited up against the competition too, although new recipes are promised for early next year. Still, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and others all have their own better apps available to download.

Rated 3 out of 5

There are dozens of recipe apps to choose from and this needs to be improve before being able to compete with them.