Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review

Pit teams of Marvel heroes and villains against each other in this free-to-play puzzle game for iPhone and Android

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is the latest in Marvel‘s series of match-three puzzle apps. The free-to-download app steps things up from the original Puzzle Quest, which is limited to pitting one Marvel hero against another, by adding a team element, in more ways than one.

Now, you piece together a team of three Marvel heroes and villains for each mission, where each one‘s specialties play a part in your selection. For quests, you can now also join or form alliances with other players in order to gain additional team rewards.

Dark Reign is more than your usual cheapskate game to make money off the back of a popular film or franchise. For a match-three puzzle game with its exceedingly simple rules and seemingly limited framework, Dark Reign is extremely sophisticated. To please the comic book fans, the game follows the storyline from the Dark Reign comics to a large extent, featuring HAMMER, Norman Osborn‘s Maggia henchmen and even a full roster of Dark Avengers.

A variety of quests every week, mixed with player battles, should keep most players interested, with daily rewards even for the freeloaders. Plus, it‘s pure fun to be able to set up a team of Spider-Man, Storm and Ragnarok to battle Captain America, Wolverine and Black Widow, something we unfortunately won‘t see in a film any time soon.

The graphics are of the highest standard and the game is updated very regularly, with developers even listening to user feedback and adjusting heroes‘ powers if they get too lopsided.

As with most mini-transaction games, Dark Reign does suffer for those who don‘t want to spend the equivalent of a new PS4 for in-app boosts, as the process of building your team can be slow and arduous. However, smart players who like a challenge can see eventual success in the toughest of missions and quests, even if it‘s a couple of months in.

Rated 4 out of 5

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is an addictive puzzler, especially for superhero fans, that suffers only minimally from slow-building freeplay.


  • Kevin McCarty

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  • peteer01

    Remarkably, this game has gotten worse and worse regarding stability
    over the last three years. This game was a hidden gem three years ago,
    was an excellent game two years ago, and was a pretty good game last
    year. Now the game has become so bad that they recently lost their
    community manager, and the forums are overrun with valid complaints and
    frustrated people who are giving up the game.

    Customer support for this game is worse than nonexistent. If the game is
    buggy, expect to impact you negatively. If you have technical
    difficulties around an item not showing up in your inventory, do not
    expect any help.

    Recent “innovations” include such gems as “view a commercial for this in
    game reward”, and new game mode start being introduced are so broken
    but the game will choose not to award any points for a boss if you do
    not allow the boss to at least hit you first.

    The game continues to raise the level of characters introduced, which
    means in game currency inflation has gone wild, but the long time
    entrenched players are still the only ones that stand a chance of
    winning any of the major prizes.

    The game has an alliance concept, which means that in order to get the
    best rewards, you have to join an alliance with very active players. In a
    completely non-fun meta game, you can go around forums and find which
    alliance you should join to maximize your game time ROI.

    At one point this was a five star game for me, albeit with bugs, balance
    and alliance issues. At that time, there was a community manager who
    intervened when I had some unpleasant customer support issues, and the
    game was reasonably balanced, fresh, and fairly bug free. People who
    didn’t want to pay to win could still have a lot of fun.

    In its current format, the game is trying to milk as much money out of
    the new players, and as many ad use out of everyone, as possible. The
    new VIP system means that for $10 a month you can (maybe) be remotely
    competitive in this free to play game.

    In short, stay away.

  • ProHackz