Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Get crafty on your iPad without making a mess thanks to this fun app

When it comes to making your own cards, the process often results in a gluey, glittery mess. Now, though, the iPad is here – and thanks to Martha Stewart, there’s an app for that.

CraftStudio sets you up with a series of themes, then gives you a choice of paper designs. Each of these elements slides in from a draw at the side of the screen. There is little in terms of explanation when it comes to the features within the app aside from an introductory video featuring Martha herself, but thanks to the incredibly intuitive nature of the app you really don’t need it. The design makes each tool obvious just by looking, and even things such as resizing the features of your creation when you’ve added them are a simple pinch away.

These features are fantastic, too, ranging from stamps, to glitter that can be added to your creation by literally tipping the iPad forward. These additions vary depending on the theme you choose, so there are a seemingly endless number of combinations when it comes to paper type, cutouts, stickers and glitter colours. Sharing is as expected (Twitter, Facebook and email) along with Snapfish for more professional printing. In-app purchases help to broaden the package, but there’s plenty here for the price.

Rated 5 out of 5

A fun and well-designed app, with thousands of combinations.