Keep tabs on stock prices

iOS 5’s built-in stock and share tracking may be good, but nothing beats having your entire iPad screen devoted to real-time data that changes minute on minute, and is totally open to customisation by you. That’s exactly what Yahoo’s MarketDash app does, and it does it extremely well. At first glance, the interface of this free app may seem fairly cluttered, but on closer inspection it’s obvious that the layout has been given a lot of thought.

Everything about this app is logical, from the way you manipulate the graphs that show fluctuations in stock prices over time, to adding new portfolios of companies to watch, making it easy for even the rookie financial analyst to use. One of the nicest touches is the news feed, which changes depending on which company or market is being viewed to show relevant financial stories that could affect stock prices. It’s a great way to give some context to all the figures.

What’s more, if you have a Yahoo ID (or if you set one up), your portfolios and settings for companies you follow will be synced between the MarketDash app and the Yahoo! Finance website to experience the ultimate in ease-of-use when it comes to checking stocks at your desk and on the go.

Rated 5 out of 5

MarketDash is one of the best stock analysis apps we’ve seen in the App Store.