Major Magnet Review

Major Magnet Review

Major Magnet Review

This new iPhone arcade game offers electricifying entertainment

This new iPhone arcade game offers electricifying entertainment.

One of the best things about physics lessons at school was playing with magnets and pretending you were moving objects using the Force. Sadly such behaviour is not really acceptable in adults, but thankfully Major Magnet is here to fill that void. In fact this game is likely to induce some mild doey-eyed nostalgia for more than just the physics involved. It pays homage to the classic arcade platform game in the way it is presented and sounds, with a chip tune soundtrack and buckets of neon. This has been built around more cartoon style animation on Major Magnet and the other characters, which gives the game a very classic look.

Perhaps this is why you’re so taken aback by the intelligence and sophistication of the gameplay – for a moment you forget that it’s 2013 and this is what 2D platformers can do. This one in particular is great fun to spend some time with because of the incredible pace it sets, and the difficulty that comes with that. The aim is to guide Major Magnet across, over and through obstacles by activating floating magnets that he orbits. Users have to then time the activation of the next magnet to follow certain paths in order to collect tokens and earn points on the way to the vortex that completes a level. Tokens are on time limits so delay too long and you’ll miss out on a high score, but played at full pace this game is fiendishly difficult.

Rated 5 out of 5

Fast and furious, Major Magnet has the nostalgia value and modern gaming quirks balanced perfectly.