Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

Leave sanity at the door. We’re going somewhere different…

It takes a lot for our jaw to drop when playing an iPhone or iPad game, but Magnetic Billiards, of all things, managed to do just that. Following the rules of billiards, or pool, to some extent, the twist comes in the form of the balls sticking together when they touch.

Your goal, then, is to tie them all up, taking as many risky and trick shots as you dare. Such is the focus on these bold moves that if you complete the level in a single go, you won’t progress.

It becomes more complicated as you wade through each challenge, too, mainly due to a colour puzzle coming into play – balls will only gel together if they’re the same shade.

It’s a solid idea, and oddly addictive, but the madness arrives in the form of the psychedelic effects, along with the two developers, John and Ste Pickford, often popping up on the screen with words of advice, which it has to be said, is not exactly your standard setup.

The different gradings will have you coming back for more, though, along with the constant test of how to increase your score. It can be a bit fiddly on occasion when trying to achieve some truly insane shots, but it’s most certainly a unique take on a timeless sport. It won’t take long before the urge to go back and try one more time to get a higher score on each table takes over and you can’t resist playing Magnetic Billiards as often as possible.

Rated 4 out of 5

An interesting take on billiards, it will appeal to a niche audience, but those individuals will probably become obsessed.