Magic Drawing Pad

Magic Drawing Pad

Turn your iPad into a colouring book from the future… maybe

The Magic Drawing Pad is a digital colouring book app that’s been designed exclusively for the iPad.

Once it’s loaded up you can select from stickers, stamps, and pens to decorate your Magic Whiteboard with.

The stamps consist of various shapes and objects; meanwhile, the sticker designs vary from campervans to sea creatures.Simply pick from the Small, Medium or Large options, and you can dab your décor all over the page. And if you make a mistake, don’t worry, simply select the Eraser tool and rub away.

There’s no doubt that kids and adults of all ages will be amused by this app. However, whilst the controls are pretty responsive, there are a few issues.

The first of which was the colour selection: the green actually turned out to be a mustardy shade of yellow – not quite the fern shade that was expected. Secondly, in the ‘Import Photo’ function the pictures appear in the wrong orientation.

Elsewhere, selection of the blackboard, as opposed to the whiteboard means nothing changes at all. We were hoping for some pastel, chalky shades when we scribbled, but it was simply a black background rather than a white one.

it’s lacking in some areas, but still worth a look.

Rated 3 out of 5

The concept is a great one, but the execution is a little disappointing and in some instances lazy.