Lynx Browser review

Lynx Browser review

Lynx Browser review

Load webpages quickly with text-only Lynx Browser for Android

Lynx Browser promotes itself as offering an extremely fast browsing experience on a mobile device by utilising a text-only browser called Lynx. The benefits of this are obvious because it should use a lot less data and in theory perform very quickly on even the slowest of mobile connections. It also offers a completely different experience to the feature-laden browsers that dominate the Android market and is one that some people may prefer for the simplicity alone.

Firing up the browser offers an interface that will immediately take you back to a bygone age of browsers that had no space for imagery and graphics that were not needed. You will either love or hate this solution and we will confuse the matter further by saying that we were somewhat perplexed by the styling. It feels unfinished in many ways – the developer does say it is a work in progress – and we struggled to appreciate such simplicity on a modern mobile device.

The performance is indeed very quick because all of the images are removed by default – but there is the option to load them if you so wish. However, we would not say that it is that much quicker than competing browsers because most mobile networks, and especially home and office Wi-Fi connections, are more than capable of loading complex websites in seconds anyway.

There is support for bookmarks, tabs and other features you would expect nowadays, but it still feels like a solution that arrived too late. There is no such thing as the mobile web anymore because devices now have large screens and excellent performance, and are more than capable of dealing with the ‘real’ web. For a solution like this to work effectively it needs to be used in specific circumstances. If you often have to suffer with slow connections then it offers benefits. If you prefer text-only pages for their clarity then it will be preferred, but for the majority of users and the majority of websites it feels too cut down to be worth the asking price.

Rated 3 out of 5

Lynx Browser has very good intentions, but is maybe a bit too late to the party.