Lullabytes Review

Lullabytes Review

Lullabytes Review

Send your baby to sleep and log their sleep patterns, all on your iPhone

The creator behind Baby Einstein has brought us another intuitive app. Lullabytes can benefit both infant and you by improving and logging your baby’s sleep pattern, ultimately increasing the number of hours you have to catch up on chores or take a nap yourself.

Once you’ve logged your baby’s name and date of birth, and uploaded a photograph, the colourful interface presents you with a torch, a clock and most importantly, a large orange Play button. Pressing this button begins both the stopwatch and the first of 12 classical pieces of music, helping your baby to drift off to sleep. You can rewind, fast-forward and pause a track while the stopwatch continues, or stop it to add the entry to the Sleep Diary. What’s really impressive is that if all 12 tracks come to the end, they automatically begin again if the baby starts crying.

The Sleep Diary states the recommended hours of sleep for your baby’s age, and allows you to edit entries with information on feeds, sickness, teething and more – which can be very useful for analysing sleep patterns. With summary charts and tips for parents, the app is full of substance and bursting with impressive features. The only extra thing we’d like to see is an increase in the number and variety of songs; it would be nice to select different genres, such as nursery rhymes or other favourites. However, what it currently offers is absolutely fantastic for a free app.

Rated 4 out of 5

A multifunctional app with soothing sounds to send your baby drifting off to sleep – and a great way to manage sleeping patterns.