Browse over 67,000 titles and manage your lists on the move with the LOVEFiLM iPhone app

LOVEFiLM is the UK’s most notable, and usable, online movie rental service, and this app is almost the perfect companion.

In what is surely a smart move, the LOVEFiLM app is not totally inaccessible to non-registered users. The app allows anyone to browse the LOVEFiLM library, tempting users to sign up. The initial interface is a typically text-driven list split across New Releases, Most Popular, Coming Soon, and a comprehensive list of genres.

Flip up and down, find a genre and a single tap presents a list of relevant releases. The problem here is that the list doesn’t seem to have any type of logical order and there is no option to filter anything except format.

The options are Blu-ray, DVD or the default Show All, useful if you don’t want a specific format. This can become a minor irritation when browsing regularly, but thankfully the Settings options resolves the issue.

The Search & Browse Options enables the user to show resultsfor a chosen format or a specific games console. The service offers games for all the major consoles including Wii, PS2/3, Xbox, PSP and DS.

One tap switches off the unwanted option and, of course, narrows down a search. The alternative is to use the search facility, but this offers no more than the standard. It would have been nice to have seen alternative choices for misspelt titles.

Selecting a release reveals a mine of information, including director, runtime, release date and an expandable summary. Add in the format, certificate and cast and it’s almost too much to take in. For good measure there are three reviews, if available, and a long list of recommended similar rentals.

Finally, a trailer is available to help sway opinion and if you love a film enough, the option to add to a LOVEFiLM list. To connect to a LOVEFiLM account, users simply authorize the use of the app and take control and manage their LOVEFiLM lists. There’s the option to prioritise the current list of selected films, or delete ensuring a list is current and correct.

Rated 5 out of 5

Browse the library, view trailers, rate films, filter content and manage lists. a perfect tool for LOVEFiLM users.