LOVEFiLM Player for iPad

LOVEFiLM Player for iPad

Indulge your movie addiction with this streaming service

Taking the advantages of a UK LoveFilm membership to new heights, the official player allows you to instantly stream films to your iPad through your LoveFilm account and watch them wherever you are.

You can also take the more traditional route of this service and select films you would like to add to your list and receive by post, choosing between standard DVD and Blu-ray where available.  But it’s not just the choice that makes this app so desirable. The speed and smoothness of streaming a film or documentary almost leaves you with the feeling that their must be a catch somewhere.

Of course, there isn’t – except perhaps for the subscription fee – and it’s so impressive to see titles from the Nineties appear in just as good a resolution as those released in 2010. You might get some brief buffering just before your film starts, but that should be it. From there, it’s time to sit back and enjoy. The trailers are shown in lower resolution, and while you can add films to your wanted list, you can’t manage it, but these are hardly faults in an app that is first and foremost stream-based.

There are not a lot of TV shows in the library at present bar a few kids shows and the odd miniseries, but you might struggle to find the time given the amount you’re likely to lose watching the movies that are on offer. In short, the LoveFilm Player should not be missed if you really love your movies.

Rated 5 out of 5

Seamless and high quality streaming means this app will change how you watch movies.