Look & Cook – Israeli Star Chef Meir Adoni – Full Edition Review

Look & Cook – Israeli Star Chef Meir Adoni – Full Edition Review

Learn to cook with one of Israel’s most prominent chefs

Kinetic Art’s Look & Cook is truly setting the standard of what a great cookery app should look like; sumptuously designed, packed with inventive (yet achievable) recipes, and perfectly built for the iPad. It’s a real triumph in this genre. Featuring over 40 of Israeli chef Meir Adoni’s personal recipes, Look & Cook not only gives you the facts but also plenty of information about the dish, complete with stunning photography of both the ingredients and the finished result. It’s certainly a visual treat – one that makes it worth the cost alone before you’ve even thought about picking up a pan.

Navigating Look & Cook does take a little bit of getting used to, as not everything is clearly signposted. However, once you’ve got the hang of where everything lives, it won’t be long before you’re flying through the app, finding recipes to dazzle your sceptical friends with. Divided into seven separate sections suited to almost every occasion, each recipe is divided into two further sections; Look, which features gorgeous, Retina display imagery, and Cook (see what they did there?), with the recipes themselves. The Cook section can conveniently be controlled by voice commands, making it easy to view and navigate while you’re cooking.

It’s these little, thoughtful touches that make this app a true masterpiece of iOS development and design. It’ll cost you far less than a meal at a nice restaurant, and last far longer, too.

Rated 5 out of 5

Look & Cook is the perfect recipe for an iPad cooking app.