London BusMapper

London BusMapper

London BusMapper

Find your way around the London Bus routes with this easy-to-use app

If you live in London, then you’ll know very well the challenges the transport system represents. Visitors to England’s capital on the other can very easily become lost in a sea of destinations and routes that cover the city.

If you decide to use the London bus system, then you might find this app very useful. It will use location data to find where you are in the area, and from here you can select a final destination.

You can also select two separate areas and find the best route between them. When the two locations are worked out by the app, you will be presented with every possible bus route and number represented.

You can tap through the bus numbers at the bottom of the screen and see your choices, and if the two places are close enough, the app will even tell you that you would be able to make the journey with a short walk rather than a bus journey.

The interface is clear, and the idea behind the app is so simple that it’s always obvious what you need to do. Tapping a location on the map will select it as your destination, and you can also set a Home location, which will then be saved.

It’s a great little tool and one we’d like to see venture a little further than just London. We hope future updates will bring more and more support for other locations. Right now this is an essential app for any visitor to London.

Rated 4 out of 5

A simple idea converted into a well-built and useful app. Well worth a look if you’re a regular bus user or visitor in London.


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