Lochfoot Review

Lochfoot Review

Lochfoot is an interactive bedtime story for iPad about a monster that is part Bigfoot, part Nessie and lots of fun

There is no shortage of imagination in the App Store these days, thanks to the power of the devices that developers have to work with. Now, every single story and children’s book can be brought to life and made more vivid than ever before.

Lochfoot is the perfect example of this; it’s a fresh, new story that is given life as an interactive story, telling the tale of two youngsters who come across the son of the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot when they wander from their parents’ campsite.

Though there isn’t a huge amount of interactivity to speak of – other than being able to tap speech bubbles to hear characters repeat what they said on that page – the colourful art style really does stand out and makes up for it.

There is a narration to go along with the text, which is kept to short bursts, and this keeps the story accessible to readers of all ages. However, the narrator lacks any real passion or animation in their tone, which negates the story and action on screen and makes things feel a little monotonous. You can’t help but feel it detracts from the story, which in itself is a lot of fun for younger readers.

Because of the short attention span of its audience, Lochfoot isn’t overly long, but readers should still find plenty to love about this story.

Rated 4 out of 5

Not over-complicated but still offering plenty of fun, this makes for an endearing bedtime story.