Little Fox Music Box

Little Fox Music Box

Children’s sing-a-long brought to life on the iPad

The number of apps aiming to get your children interacting with the iPad is growing by the day, with all kinds of new stories being created to entice them in and entertain them.

Little Fox Music Box has taken a slightly different route by trying to recreate some classic children’s songs with added interactivity. Of the three songs currently available in the app, each one comes with its own unique setting related to the song, and fills your iPad screen with colourful characters that you can bring to life with a single tap. The sights and sounds will appeal to any youngster, and the app feels like it could be a very useful tool for parents looking to provide their children with a new bedtime reading experience.

Open the app and you will be given the choice of three songs to listen to and interact with. These are London Bridge, Evening Song and Old MacDonald, all classic children’s sing-a-longs that your own kids should be able to join in with. The words to each song appear along the top of the screen like karaoke, so even if they don’t know all the words they will soon learn them. There is even an option on the menu screen to turn on a karaoke-style set-up, which removes the in-app singing and lets the user provide that instead, though unfortunately you can’t record this.

Choose a song and you’ll be transported to it’s associated world, full of interactivity in the environment and the on-screen characters. It might be a good idea to start with Evening Song, as this sing-a-long comes with a loose tutorial on how to bring different aspects of the world to life. The basic principle is that every character you see on screen will do something if tapped, but also keep an eye out for parts of the landscape that look unusually shaded or highlighted, as these may also be hiding some animation. In this sense Little Fox Music Box is perfect for children, in that it encourages curiosity and interaction with the iPad as you seek out hidden animations and characters, and every song is different. An obvious example of this being the Northern Lights trail you can create in Evening Song, and the ability to change the season in Old MacDonald by turning the wheel icon in the corner of the screen.

Visually then this app is very appealing, and having been put together by Oscar nominated designer Heidi Wittlinger, it’s no surprise that the characters and landscapes look so good.

The audio within the app is also a big plus, with Old MacDonald and London Bridge being sung by kids it will hopefully encourage your own youngsters to join in. If they feel like going solo they can use the previously mentioned Karaoke feature to provide the audio themselves.

If a sing-a-long and character interactivity isn’t enough for you, you can also enter Fox’s Studio, which is full of music making items that allow the users to create their own tunes and melodies using things like choir birds and boiling teapots. It all feels very cartoon-esque and light-hearted, and that is the real charm and appeal of this app. Thanks to the studio and the main songs you have a wonderful balance of discovery and creativity in one app.

Little Fox Music Box is aimed at children between the ages of two and six, and it has the perfect sense of humour that allows for both parents and children to enjoy the app. This has the opportunity to change bedtime in your house, even if you skip the singing there is enough to the little ones entertained every night. The number of characters on-screen ensures that things never get dull or too repetitive, and like us you will always be discovering new animations within each classic children’s song.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great app that the kids will love for so many reasons, even if variety of songs is a little thin on the ground.