Letterspace – Swipe. Edit. Note. Review

Letterspace – Swipe. Edit. Note. Review

Letterspace – Swipe. Edit. Note. Review

Note-taking just got a whole lot sexier

When a third-party app boasts a genuine, bona fide brilliant idea, it isn’t unusual to see it creep into an iOS update somewhere down the line. Let us pray, then, that Letterspace’s swipe-to-move cursor bar system is snapped up because it allows you to effortlessly reposition your cursor by swiping a bar instead of painstakingly trying to position it by touching the screen. It certainly makes the correcting of typos less arduous and as a result you end up with notes that actually make sense six weeks down the line.

This app also gives you the freedom to select which font you want to use for your notes from a choice of nine – a feature that is conspicuously missing from the built-in Notes app – and adjust the size of the font using a slider. As a result you can make your notes eye-catching and vibrant. Besides the option to share notes and sync them across your devices with iCloud, that’s pretty much all this app offers.

But the way in which the typing system is implemented, coupled with a stylish, minimalistic interface (additional themes are purchasable in-app) make this a no-brainer when it comes to ditching the default Notes app in favour of something cool and altogether more sophisticated.

Rated 5 out of 5

A note-taking app with at least one killer feature – one more than the default Notes app.