The app that helps landlords keep track of their properties

If you’re a landlord who is renting out a series of properties, then the chances are that you will be fully aware of how it’s often incredibly difficult to keep track of everything that is going on in each one, making it necessary to keep inventories, documents and meter readings for each one individually.

Keeping and maintaining these records can be a difficult task unless you regularly and religiously update them on your computer, and even then it’s hard to include media like photos and notes, and bring all the elements together in a neat package. Let is the app that helps you do all these things in one place. Add a property, and then enter details for each room, including an inventory.

You can take photos on your phone, add them to a particular listing, and even assign voice or written notes to a particular room. Location data is taken by the phone, so photos are automatically tagged to a property, and you can store as many shots as you like. Obviously, the appeal of this app will be limited to those who are looking to list properties on the market, but for the people it’s aimed at, it really could turn out to be an incredibly useful tool.

The biggest issue with the app, however, is that you are limited to recording just five property listings for free before you are required to start purchasing extra storage from the app. While this is mentioned in the app’s description, it’s still a shame that the developers couldn’t offer unlimited properties after the initial investment from the user.

Rated 4 out of 5

Great if you’re a landlord, but disappointingly limited to just five properties up front.