Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes Review

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes Review

Assemble your own Lego Justice League in this new game for iPhone and iPad

Comic book heroes are all the rage today, with more Justice League movies in the works. With the last few years having been dominated by Marvel character movies, the time to be a superhero fanatic is now. LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes feels like a celebration of this era, bringing together a vast array of playable characters alongside Batman and Robin who are the main protagonists of the game, to take down just about every DC universe bad guy you can possibly think of.

Anyone familiar with the Lego way of gaming will be right at home here, as DC Super Heroes, like the other Lego ports we’ve seen on iOS, follows the usual pattern of combining plenty of platforming with puzzles and fighting off bad guys. All the while gathering studs that can then be used to unlock more playable characters as you move through the game.

Controlling the characters is an issue, however, and something that has cropped up in the Lego game series in the past. While this is the first touch-screen port to offer users a choice between on-screen buttons and gesture-based controls, the latter can be unpredictable and inaccurate when you’re trying to differentiate between tapping the environment or an enemy. It’s a hitch that you never fully get past, even as you settle into the game and the controls, and it will frustrate you as you play.

Although this could be somewhat of a pain, the controls shouldn’t and won’t stop you from enjoying the game, which has some really great cutscenes complete with new and original dialogue and talking minifigs, both firsts for Lego gaming on iOS. On the subject of new things, DC Super Heroes has some new upgrades for players to look out for, with new suits for the Dynamic Duo to increase their powers and unleash special abilities needed to complete different puzzles. It’s exciting for any DC fan to see their heroes in a new skin, and being able to expand your powers at the same time is a very nice bonus.

It’s also worth watching out for golden bricks, which are included as an alternative form of payment when it comes to unlockables, should you still be short of studs. This is a logical step for the mobile version, where playing times and attention spans are far shorter, so players want rewards quicker. They are hard to come by, but gathering bricks is a very handy way to bypass some of the hording of studs that normally has to take place when you want to unlock something, and comes with the territory of any Lego game.

As a full port of a console game, DC Super Heroes is a fairly sizeable download, requiring 2.6GB if done over WiFi which, if you’re a big gamer, potentially means having to clear some space before you start the purchase process. But at £2.99/$4.99 you are getting a lot of game, and both Lego and DC fans won’t be disappointed with what they have to play with in terms of character base and environments to work through.

There’s full voice acting for the first time, and it gives the whole game more of an individual identity than previous Lego titles, which can simply feel like Lego versions of existing stories. This is an original story, albeit an exaggerated and frantic one where a different super villain awaits in every room, but that’s what a fun game is all about; doing battles with those whom you love to hate, combined with the fun gimmick that everything is made of Lego. There’s a reason this franchise has been so successful.

Yes, users may have to grit their teeth at times because of the control quirks and imperfections, but touchscreen gaming – particularly when it comes to ports of console games – is still far from an exact science, and given the rest of the world you enter when you play this game, it feels like a trade-off you’re happy to take part in because of the enjoyment you know is coming over the many levels, via the many characters.

Rated 4 out of 5

A rip-roaring sequence of fantastic characters, both good and evil, that will thrill every DC fan out there.