League of Evil 2

League of Evil 2

Time to leap like you’ve never leapt before

In the first League of Evil, developer Ravenous took pride in how precise and fluid the game’s jumping mechanic and controls were. Luckily that same ambition and skill has transferred over to League of Evil 2, and given the increased difficulty and volume of enemies, you will be thankful those controls are there.

Picking up from the previous game, League of Evil 2 has your character seeking out evil scientists across five expansive environments.

This may sound simple – being a heavily armoured and athletic super-soldier – but you have an army of gun-toting soldiers, lightsaber-wielding robot ninjas, and a never-ending barrage of spiked pits to contend with.

Luckily, your soldier can leap high into the air, and even double-jump to help him skirt over the game’s many hazards. You can also perform a sliding punch move to attack enemies, but if you perform this move in mid-air, you will do an air dash, letting you glide for a few moments. Combining these moves and memory mapping enemy and bullet layouts is the key to earning faster times on each stage.

If you’re feeling brave you can take a detour to collect a hidden briefcase stashed somewhere in each stage. These are usually placed in an insanely difficult place, meaning you really have to play well to earn them all. It’s classic risk-reward gaming at its finest.

Challenging, well-presented and with incredibly precise controls, League of Evil 2 is a real step up from the original and will appeal to action and platforming fans everywhere.

Rated 5 out of 5

Tough and addictive; remember to keep calm after your 50th retry!