Explore and unearth the trees that inhabit the northeast of America with this fantastic natural guide

Curious minds and green-fingered enthusiasts will find Leafsnap a great app tool when out exploring greenery native to the northeast of America.

This fantastic app currently has 184 species in its database with over 2,590 high-resolution, illustrative images to browse through. Still in its early stages, this resource has a lot of promise and will continue to be developed.

Easy to use, the app has been well designed with enough layers and features to keep anyone engaged. Select the Browse option from the bottom menu to search through the database by either leaf, flower, seed or berry. Once you have selected the correct species you can preview other images that relate to the leaf and find out more about the tree it originates from.

The fantastic interactive Snap It! feature is what really makes this app stand out, enabling you to photograph a leaf before presenting possible match results. You can browse through alternative tree types that your leaf may have originated from, selecting the most suitable one to label.

Your leaf will then appear as part of your own collection database, which you can continue to build upon. A great way to encourage regular use, the Snap It! feature will only work when your iOS device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, which is not practical if you are out exploring in the wilderness.

It is worth noting, however, that you can still take a photograph in the app without internet connection to match up with results later on when you’ve found a Wi-Fi area.

Overall this is a well thought-out app with the potential to be a great hit – it just needs a little more development to make it a fantastic pocket companion. As it’s free, though, it’s well worth the download to check out the database.

Rated 4 out of 5

A well-rounded educational tool that still needs a few minor tweaks but is on the right track