LeaderFocus Review

LeaderFocus Review

Don’t lose sight of goals when managing a team with LeaderFocus for iPad

As a manager it’s easy to lose sight of goals while dealing with lots of short-term tasks. LeaderFocus aims to help managers prioritise their work and manage time more productively so that longer-term objectives are met.

Aside from the lurid orange colouring, the app is neat and comprehensive, working across numerous screens to cover four main areas: the focus for the day, strategic objectives, short-term tasks and delegated responsibilities. There is also a page for daily leadership thoughts, in case you are lacking inspiration.

The app says it is not a to-do list, and we have to agree that it doesn’t come across as one. All of the input boxes are short and intuitive so you don’t get bogged down with processes. Although you can add work tasks and events, stress their importance and note when they need to be done, they are then placed on the main page in three boxes marked Events, Focus and Deadlines, giving a simple at-a-glance view of the day ahead.

The app also positions tasks in small boxes that are placed on the screen in order of urgency and importance. By going further than this and allowing you to set long-term objectives, highlight self-development goals and listing what you need to achieve your aims, LeaderFocus soon comes into its own.

Rated 5 out of 5

In concentrating on results, we figure that this app will really boost productivity.