Kudos To Everyone

Kudos To Everyone

Kudos To Everyone

Virtual compliments and point scoring among you and your friends

We all love a good deed, whether it be handing out or receiving. Now, there’s a way to keep score, as well as a great way of reminding your other half just how good you are to them.

Kudos To Everyone lets you award points to – or take away from – people who do something nice for you. Over time, a ‘leaderboard’ grows, and you can view your performance in terms of points received and taken away. It’s a fun twist on social networking, and takes place within a nice-looking interface that reinforces the light-hearted sense of fun this should be used with.

You can also easily link your Kudos account with Facebook and Twitter in-app, enabling you to share your latest Kudos news with your wider network, and hopefully get them involved.

One of the nicest aspects of the app is the practical use it can be put to. For example, you can place a reminder on a birthday you received kudos for so that you remember next year, and guarantee yourself some more points. Also, it could be useful for keeping the kids in line, by giving them points for good behaviour and so on.

The added bonus of being able to attach photos to every kudos turns each one into a little event, and further adds to the sweetness of the whole idea.

Rated 4 out of 5

Light-hearted and sweet, but with some practical uses, Kudos To Everyone is a worthwhile download.