Kooky Review

Kooky Review

A gloriously off-kilter ebook and movie

If you’re looking for a new story or world to immerse yourself in then downloading Kooky might be just what you need, especially if the kids are desperate for a new bedtime read. This app is essentially a celebration of a piece of work from the Czech Republic. A book – subsequently transported to the tablet screen – about a little red teddy bear who gets thrown out, and then lost as he tries to find his way home. But it is not just the story that deserves your attention, but also the way in which it is told. Having been illustrated by Jakub Dvorský of Amanita Design – the developer behind the indie game sensation Machinarium – Kooky has lots of similar characteristics, with a very organic and homegrown feel about the way the app is put together.

The book is comprised entirely of hand-drawn artwork, while the movie was created and shot independently with a handmade cast.

The app then is a showcase of all this hard work, with an illustrated copy of the book as well as the full-length movie available to users. Beyond this there is also a fifteen-minute documentary on the making of the movie, with behind-the-scenes footage of how the characters and sets were brought together. The Characters section is essentially a profile area, where all the weird and wonderful creatures of the forest are on display – though there is a fun twist in that you have to find them all before you can see their profile.

In terms of sheer entertainment there is no doubt that Kooky is a success. It’s a delightful app with a great story that you have two ways to experience and cherish.

Rated 5 out of 5

A combination of imagination and art, resulting in a great story.