KnowMyTeam Pro Review

KnowMyTeam Pro Review

Manage your team and their tasks from the touchscreen of your iPad with KnowMyTeam Pro

If you’re a manager of a team at your office, KnowMyTeam Pro might be the answer to all your prayers. The app aims to help you organise your team, with a matrix that allows you to set responsibilities for each member and set tasks that your teams can complete.

The app doesn’t give much of an introduction on its first opening, and we found ourselves slightly at a loss for the first few minutes. However, the example matrices will help you learn how the app works before you start your own.

Inputting data can take a little time, simply because of the drop-down menus for adding information. However, you will only need to add information once and it will be saved. Add your teams and give them each a colour, then add members to each team. Next you will need to add processes or sections for tasks to fall into. These form a grid, with intersecting areas of the grid helping to show who is doing what. Tap these areas and you can add badges depending on the team member’s role.

We would have liked to be able to resize column widths, and a few more options, such as alerts for when tasks needed to be completed. There’s a free version available that’s almost identical, so it’s worth trying before you dive in to the paid app – but as an organisational tool it’s very usable.

Rated 4 out of 5

A pleasantly usable app that needs a couple of extra features before it is perfect for organising teams.