Knock Review

Knock Review

Knock Review

Save time and unlock your Mac with a quick tap of Knock for iPhone

For ultimate security, it’s always a good idea to add a password to your Mac and ensure it’s active whenever your Mac goes to sleep. However, with the most secure passwords being complex to remember and input, sometimes it can be simpler to just log in automatically.

Knock aims to make unlocking your Mac easier while keeping it secure. Pairing the two together with low-energy Bluetooth technology, the app runs in the background on your phone and, when you come to unlock your Mac, will respond to a knock to remove the need for a password.

Because you almost always have your iPhone with you, it seems like the perfect tool to help you unlock your Mac quickly. Setup is incredibly simple; you’ll need to download a free ‘receiver’ app on the Mac in order for the two devices to recognise each other, but once you’ve got it, the two will link instantly. Prompts on the screen make everything simple to set up, and once it’s done you’re ready to go.

On occasion the app took a little while to recognise that the Mac was ready and waiting to be unlocked, meaning we might as well have typed in our password. However, for the most part, the app connected instantly and a quick double-tap on the screen immediately unlocked the Mac. The responsiveness turned out to be very impressive, with a knock very rarely failing to register.

The interface is nice too. Once you’ve set it up, the app shows when your computer is ready to be unlocked. There are no menus or buttons; the only function is unlinking your Mac, which isn’t clearly denoted, so can be a confusing prospect.

While it’s only compatible with a few Macs, Knock is a great way to save time and show off to your friends. It’s well worth a try for saving time and having a bit of fun.

Rated 4 out of 5

A time-saving app that makes good use of your iPhone to promote security, and works very neatly with only a few small issues for now.