Khoya – An Interactive Fantasy Adventure

Khoya – An Interactive Fantasy Adventure

The first step in what could be a fantastic new series on iPad

This brand-new interactive story for children is full of the smooth animation and smart interactive elements that make stories on the iPad so engaging; the key twist being an Indian flavour thanks to some wonderfully exotic music and illustrations.

The core plot of Khoya mixes classic creation myths with an Orwellian modern world. As the Navigator, your role turns into an active part of the story; you must help the characters unravel mysteries and solve puzzles to succeed and progress.

On the whole, you only dip in to help the story move on occasionally – but then this is the first part of a series and quite some time is spent establishing a base for what is to come. Some might find it a little wordy, but this is a proper book rather than an interactivity showcase, and that sets it apart as much as the glorious visuals and music.

The fact that this is still only the start of a project left us feeling that it had more to deliver. Seeing how Khoya develops is going to be very interesting, as what’s here is engrossing and clearly brilliant, but incomplete, and will inevitably have you thirsting for more.

Rated 4 out of 5

Evocative and thoroughly gripping, Khoya will leave you longing for the next instalment.