Karl’s Castle Review

Karl’s Castle Review

Karl’s Castle Review

Will your child be the king of this particular castle? It’s Karl’s Castle on iOS and Android

Less a game, more an interactive picture book, Karl’s Castle is a stunning app in more ways than one. The bright, colourful cartoon graphics are an instant draw, even for adults. And while it took a small while for the castle doors of this fantasy kingdom to open, once we were in, everything worked fluidly and well.

There isn’t really much of a story other than the one a child will formulate in their own heads as they explore the sandbox nature of this fairy-tale world. When a character is tapped, he or she will perform a little action such as setting off arrows or waking from a drunken sleep. There are other characters with exclamation marks above their heads; when these are tapped, a mini-game is activated. You are usually asked to look for something and it works in a Where’s Wally kind of way. It’s a shame that there are just three of these.

Yet the hand-drawn characters are charming and there is an ease in the way that you can explore and take in the animations and sounds. With so much to do, see and touch, Karl’s Castle will keep a child involved for hours – even those as young as two, which is the minimum age recommended by the developers. We just adored the dozens of interactions on offer and the diverse set of characters.

Rated 4 out of 5

Kids will go crazy for Karl’s Castle, but we wish there were more than three mini-games.