Justin.tv Review

Justin.tv Review

Justin.tv Review

Justin.tv for iPhone and Android lets you stream videos wherever you are

Unless you’re already familiar with JustinTV, its details in the App Store – mentioning ‘premium broadcasters’ – might lead you to think it offered professionally broadcast TV channels from around the world. The reality is that the video streams are all user-generated.

Not that all of their content is necessarily original, however. For instance, browse the Sports category and you’ll soon find live streams of football matches being shown on subscription TV channels such as Sky Sports – even though Justin.tv prohibits copyright violations. It also supposedly bans pornography, although we soon found Japanese erotica.

Even if you’re not concerned about this, you may well be bothered by the unreliable nature of the service. Many of the live sports feeds we tried resulted in a frozen picture or error, while the ones that did work offered a disappointingly low-res view. While there are thousands of live streams available, arranged into categories – such as Entertainment, Gaming and News & Events – and filterable into subcategories, quite a few channels we tried came up with a message saying they weren’t currently available on mobile devices.

The social aspect is interesting though, with users being able to type messages to chat with others during broadcasts. There is even a Social category, although this largely consists of people staring at webcams. In short, the app could use some tidying up.

Rated 2 out of 5

A good idea that suffers from a lack of reliability and worthwhile content – not good in a paid-for app.