Joust Legends Review

Joust Legends Review

Experience the speed and intensity of a medieval jousting tournament in this iPhone and iPad mobile game

Not many games have looked to medieval sport for inspiration, but Joust Legend has done just that, thrusting the player into the hectic world of jousting. If you loved the movie A Knight’s Tale, the chances are you will be very keen to download this, and begin your own quest to become a great knight.

Your moments though will test your courage, as the initial tutorial is slightly confusing and hard to get right. The control system, which is operated by tapping and holding to release your horse, and then doing the same to angle and aim your lance, isn’t explained well at all – instead you need to wait until you start the early rounds to grasp things properly.

This game is also the home to a pretty steep difficulty curve, with defeats common from the outset. Luckily, there are several different game modes besides the central tournament, and these are used to earn cash to improve your armour. There is also the Prize Fights area where you battle for cash and skills, which are used like playing cards to earn extra bonuses in tournaments. These bonuses increase your points scored in each fight, giving you a greater chance of victory. It brings an extra dimension to the sport, and adds longevity to playing time as it’s nearly impossible to get through the tournament without some skill cards up your sleeve.

It is a slow starter, but give it time and Joust Legend might just work its way into your heart.

Rated 4 out of 5

Ignoring the confusing tutorial, this is a very enjoyable game with a surprising added dimension thanks to the additional gameplay modes.