Journeys of Invention Review

Journeys of Invention Review

Get hands-on with London Science Museum exhibits with the free Journey of Invention app for iPad

Part educational, part entertainment, this app showcases science at its fascinating full potential. Drawing on 80 objects from London’s Science Museum, it allows users to explore 14 interactive stories that bring them to life, allowing you to examine and discover them in a very compelling manner.

Initially, we thought the app was taking rather a long time to load until we realised that the many little images on what appeared to be the title screen could be tapped and enlarged. By pinching to zoom in on this screen, the images can be seen in greater detail but you can also make out the lines that link the various objects together.

Like a subway map, all of these items are connected according to their type on colour-coded lines. Subjects include Industrial Adventures, Secrets of Life, Mass Production and many more. Each line will take you on a multimedia journey with text, images and, in some cases, video, making the app as visual as it is informative.

There are numerous little quirky animations included and some of them really raise a smile. For example, we loved the way the entry for the Roomba 780 would display a little robotic vacuum cleaner moving around the screen, clearing away the text. All of the entries have movement of some kind, whether it’s being able to rotate an Apple I computer or swiping at a globe to send it spinning around.

This gives a very hands-on feel to the app and it’s as if you are in the museum with permission to play. The text that accompanies each entry is well written and short enough to stave off boredom, and there are also little fact files that present more of a snapshot view of items too.

The photos are also well chosen and atmospheric. Each one is explained and you can zoom in and out to see them in detail. They also include some contemporary artworks that are rarely seen, which makes for a more complete package.

Rated 4 out of 5

We had as much fun exploring this app as we have when visiting the real-world museum. Brilliant.