Jimdo Review

Jimdo Review

Jimdo Review

Create a website from your iPhone using Jimdo

Today it looks and feels like just about everyone has got their own blog on the go. Having an online presence is more important than ever, which can feel intimidating due to the supposed skill involved in building your own site – but Jimdo is looking to dispel that myth and show you how effortless and mobile it can be.

The app invites you to name your site before asking you to select a layout style. From here it’s down to you, with the ability to update your site live, adding new posts, photos and galleries as you see fit. Everything can be done from your iOS device, giving you the power to edit and share no matter where you are.

Of course, as with all apps of this nature that revolve around templates, you do sacrifice an element of originality. However, the smart edit bar where you can quickly drop in content is worth it for those looking to quickly establish themselves online. There are some great touches hidden away though, particularly the ability to jump between mobile and desktop views of your site, giving you a better idea of how visitors across platforms will see your site.

You won’t be the next blogging sensation from using Jimdo, but as a productivity tool for building and editing a website on the fly, this is one of the most polished offerings we’ve seen.

Rated 4 out of 5

Smart, slick and simple. Jimdo makes something complicated effortless – the ultimate productivity app aim.