Jelly Review

Jelly Review

Jelly Review

Is Jelly, the new search-with-pictures social network from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, off to a wobbly start?

Wobbling its way onto the iPhone and Android is this new social app by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. With Jelly you can share images, perform internet searches and ask other users for answers to burning questions that can be difficult to find via Google.

Appearing to rival popular app Quora, this Q&A-based search engine taps into your existing social networks but doesn’t seem to lend itself as well to discussion. Jelly wants you to ask a question, get an answer from someone and move on – and it works well to a degree.

To get started, you point your phone’s camera at an object (or choose an image from your Camera Roll or Google Images) and use it within a post. For instance, you may take a photo of a T-shirt and want to know its brand. A traditional search could be difficult but by posting the image to Jelly, someone in cyberspace may know the answer and tell you.

A neat addition to this process is the ability to crop images and edit them. You can also draw on photos, highlighting specific aspects of them for the purpose of your search. We were able to jump to features in an instant and found it easy to answer other people’s questions too.

But we did find that not all of our questions were answered. Given that we often post questions to Facebook and Twitter and get quick answers from friends and followers, there is little reason, we surmised, to involve a third party when we can just as easily use existing social media apps and our own established networks.

We also saw elements of abuse in the answers to questions posed by other users. Such incidents can be reported and this is something that comes with the territory of using social networks but it is unwelcome nonetheless. Still, with a bigger community, Jelly could be the next big thing.

Rated 3 out of 5

Potentially the next social networking sensation. It is well designed, fun and it can be quick. It does need more users, but that will surely come with time.