iYoga – Premium Review

iYoga – Premium Review

iYoga on the iPad has all the poses you need, and how to do them

3D4Medical have already created some very eye-catching anatomy apps for iOS, and this latest release is no different. iYoga is a detailed demonstration of yoga poses so users can ensure that they carry out their moves properly. The app is the ideal companion for when you’re on the mat, as it comes with short video tutorials on all the poses shown on home screen list.

Not only can you search by body area or even completely manually using the search bar, there is a clever scroll bar that shows you the active muscles of each pose. This means you can search out poses to suit specific areas that you would like to work on. The app also breaks down poses by difficulty so you can ease yourself in if you’re new to the exercise. As well as the audio and video instructions, each pose comes with text guides to a pose, walking you through the  entire process. The app also contains entire programs for you to work through, themed to serve different purposes, and users can even create their own.

Visually, iYoga looks engaging; the only thing you may notice is the large amounts of dead, black space on the screen, especially when you’re viewing an animation. Beside that the muscle detail is impressive, and this is something we have come to expect from the developer.

Rated 4 out of 5

Great detail in the animation and muscle system, with some nice personalization settings where you can create your own sessions to suit your needs.