iStunt 2 HD – Snowboard

iStunt 2 HD – Snowboard

Proof that slippery slopes aren’t always a bad thing

The game we were reminded of most when playing iStunt 2 was, rather impressively, Sonic The Hedgehog. iStunt 2 shares a lot with the classic Mega Drive title – this is a game about speed, perpetual motion and leaping into the unknown.

It controls simply enough. You angle your rider left and right while in the air by tilting your iPad or iPhone, with grab tricks performed by pressing the virtual buttons on the bottom right of the screen.

The implementation of the gyroscope is incredibly smooth and responsive, so pulling off 360 degree mid-air spins feels a satisfying and rewarding experience.

But the trick and scoring mechanic plays second fiddle to the game’s main preoccupation, which is the successful navigation of levels. The 42 offered here twist up and around themselves, curl into huge loop-de-loops, and ascend and descend into huge ramps and dips.

As you progress you’ll also have to utilise speed boosts and gravity switches while also avoiding buzzsaws, deadly icicles and anti-gravity fields.

It’s not easy, and as you can rarely see the obstacles ahead you need to learn the courses by repetition rather than thinking as you go. It’s this that separates iStunt from Sonic – Sonic never slows down, but iStunt 2 feels very stop and start.

Still, the checkpointing isn’t too bad and the responsiveness of the gyroscope ensures iStunt 2 stays enjoyable. It may sometimes feel a little too much like trial and error, but never so much that you won’t find yourself having just one more go. And another. And another…

Rated 4 out of 5

It has faults, but as a whole iStunt 2 is an incredibly addictive game, sometimes almost as much so as Angry Birds