iPresent for iPad

iPresent for iPad

A safe and secure means of accessing company materials on the move

If you’re trying to sell a business proposal, would you use an archaic paper file full of stencilled graphics and photocopied pictures, or an iPad, treating them to an attention-grabbing presentation? The iPresent app from Compsoft goes for the latter approach, allowing sales teams to access and present materials through one intuitive interface.

Using a secure web-based CMS, organisations can ensure that their teams have access to documents when they need them, and all of the material can be downloaded over an encrypted network with or without a connection. The iPad is perfect for showing off slides, movie clips or technical documents, and this app allows you to organise such content into one convenient place for easy access.

You have full freedom to create beautiful, interactive menus based upon your brand and existing resources (such as PDFs, PowerPoint files and video content) and control it all centrally, sending out push notifications to your team to alert them when the latest content is ready to download and use. To utilise the service, you have to subscribe to a web interface. After this you can drop content into menus to build up your portfolio, before uploading it to access via the iPad app. It’s a simple enough process to get to grips with, providing the templates fit in with the style of your business.

Rated 4 out of 5

The tools you’re given are slightly restrictive, but the service as a whole is very useful, complemented by a very robust app.