INRIX Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts Review

INRIX Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts Review

INRIX Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts Review

Inrix Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts crowdsources travel news for accurate, up-to-the-minute navigation

It’s the little victories in life that are often the best, and a sneaky shortcut to avoid any heavy traffic is definitely up there. Thankfully, this is a feeling that INRIX is happy to provide.

This traffic app is a combination of map set information, gathered from GPS data, cameras and sensors and user input to piece together the state of the roads around you. Users can set locations for home and work, get alerts when you leave either place containing the traffic details, as well as access some traffic cameras to get a live look at what’s happening.

INRIX also contains a dedicated community where users can earn praise and standing by making good recommendations on traffic problems, as well as sharing useful routes to speed up journeys. You don’t have to share these, instead you can use the cloud to share any routes you save across devices.

On top of this very handy bunch of features, upgrading to the premium version via an in-app purchase unlocks the ability to monitor petrol prices so you can find the best deal. Of course, just remember to not use the app while driving.

Rated 4 out of 5

Great for those moments just before you head out the door to avoid any nasty surprises.